Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Wow! fun to look back..

I was looking for some old Halloween pictures and remembered I had a blog back in the day.  I soooo wish I had kept this current.  You can tell when I started working and the boys were in school and life got busier - and I got active on facebook- that the blog fell by the wayside.  Maybe I can post from time to time so it isn't deleted by the company.  So many good memories. 

Monday, March 15, 2010

March 9th 2010- the boys are SIX years old!!!

I can't believe these guys are 6 years old!!!!!!
Town Meeting at school.
Swinging at home after school.
Jake and Mrs. Glenn
The boys on their new bikes- Josh above and Jake below...

The boys were excited that now it takes 2 hands to show how old they are!
Pokey got the boys some new Webkinz...

Feb 2010

Jake lost his first tooth!!!
Frank and the boys.
100th day of school! too early in the morning! ;)
Grandma reading to the boys.... playing their DS's
Kids clinic at Lowe's...
Josh cracks me up laying down to build his projects...
Home from school with Valentine's!!!!!
With Ruben and Marissa....

Jan 2010

Peanut was about to sink down in the snow!
She's not too fond of Granny's new puppy Sparkle!
Reading with Granny and at the Lowe's kids clinic with cousin Sarah.
Josh and Jake in the tub...
Josh lost his first tooth!!!!

Christmas Play at Church... December 2009

Jake and Josh all decked out for the Christmas play.
With Gabbie
I love this picture- Bro. Randy was praying and I looked and Gabbie and the boys had their heads bowed.
"Miss Lori" and her crew... she did an awesome job at pulling it off again this year!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Going... going.... Gone!!!

This has been the talk of the town lately.... seriously! As part of the Guthrie Beautification process they asked the owner of the KY Lotto store to remove the Cow with Sunglasses that has been in the parking lot as long as I can remember. He also owned the minit mart just a bit farther up the road. The parking lot there was home to a large Pink Elephant.

I cannot count the number of times I have given directions to friends and told them how to get to Elkton based on these two landmarks. Ie: "Take the next left past the cow with sunglasses. If you see a pink elephant you have gone too far!" I will have to start telling them to follow these crazy road signs in the future. ;) I just wish I had been there to get a picture of them going down the road! lol!

$32.59 for generic brand cigarettes? Aside from why would you want to, How do people afford to smoke these days? (sorry, just amazed at that price!!!)

I have heard that there are several petitions to get the animals placed back in the parking lots. While I will admit I'll miss having such outstanding landmarks to use to give directions I'm fine with saying- Goodbye old friends... it was fun while it lasted! ;)

learning to make things at Lowe's

On Saturday mornings you will find us at Lowe's for the (FREE!) kids workshop. Each week they make a project and get a certificate and a patch for their apron when they finish the project. So far we have done a gingerbread house, ornaments and the pet treat keeper shown here. This one was a tough one! The boys love to make things and it is fun to see them learning how to use a hammer and nails and they are so proud of their aprons with their patches. Thanks Lowe's!!!

Christmas in Elkton...

The beautiful Old Courthouse on the Town Square.
Ok, Josh was a little too excited! LOL!

Santa came to the big city- in a horse and buggy! Granny, Mom, and the boys visited with Santa and went for a carriage ride through town. It was SOOOOO cold, but worth it for the great memories that we made!

Santa Visit- December 2009

Jake and Josh with Santa at South Todd Elem. They told Santa they wanted a Webkinz animal- a Lion for Jake and a Penguin for Josh.

November 2009

The boys made some signs to put on our mailbox to support the Todd Central Rebel Marching Band and my friend Pokey's daughter Ashley as the band went to State Competition!!! We are proud of Ashley and all of the Rebel Band!!
Josh above and Jake below, enjoying some of the beautiful fall days we have had. The weather this fall has been amazing! We have had days where we could wear short sleeves so the boys have been able to play on their outside toys and enjoy the warm weather. We have been blessed!
these jeeps were big when we got them for their 3rd birthday, now they seem tiny! They are growing up way too fast!